The Power of Positive Words

By: Master Varouj Bejanian
Featured in Issue #6 of World Success Magazine

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you have a great spring.

I encourage our students to use positive words in their daily life any chance they get.

I gave a seminar to our leadership team about “the power of words” last year. I know for sure that everyone would agree with me that the words that come out of our mouth are extremely powerful and have a big impact in our lives whether positive or negative. We create our reality with our words. Words have creative power and we must be careful how we speak with our children. We must speak blessings toward our children every single day. I ask our instructors to choose their words wisely while teaching our students. The encouraging and motivating words could guide our students toward success.

I truly believe happy kids do really well in life. They make right choices in life and they eventually choose what they love to do. If a kid, during his/her early years, learns that no matter what happens in his/her environment he/she can choose to be happy then he/she would have a great life, a life filled with happiness and success. 

At an early age, children must be exposed to positive, faithful words. These words would create a happy environment for a kid to grow. Speaking positively is a habit and if you haven’t grown up in a similar environment then it is very difficult to practice it. True confidence or faith comes by hearing and has a big impact on children’s lives. Positive words create a positive surrounding and that is the kind of environment where we need our kids to grow in. Positive words come from positive thoughts. If we have a bad habit of using negative words, it is better to start practicing self-awareness over the words that we are going to use.

To conclude, we’ve got two choices regarding upbringing our kids. Either we can use negative words and create fear and doubt in them or use positive beautiful loving words and instill confidence and happiness in them. Confident people are happy people, because confidence creates happiness and happy people are successful.

I wish all our readers health and happiness!

 - Varouj Bejanian

“A Message from Master Varouj” is published quarterly in World Success Magazine.

Featured in Issue #6 April 2018
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