Martial Arts is Self-Discovery


By: Master Varouj Bejanian
Featured in Issue #7 of World Success Magazine

One of the major things in our life that hold us back and doesn’t let us excel is the fact that we truly don’t know who we are and why we exist. I created a self-discovery patch years ago to motivate my advanced students to elevate themselves to new heights. I realized years ago that self-discovery is a path that will take you towards success: Understanding the real you. Realizing and understanding your value, your potential and your capabilities. Understanding your uniqueness. Realizing that you make a difference in this world and the world is not the same without you.

Having respect for others, going out of your way to help others and most importantly, to have a pure and giving heart and to be happy for other peoples’ success is part of discovering who you are.

Our default state of being is to be kind to others and do things in this world to benefit other fellow human beings. I made sure years ago that self-discovery is the ultimate goal for our students.

I believe the true meaning of martial arts is not how hard you can punch or how high you can kick but is self-discovery. It is about finding out who you are, having faith in yourself, and cleaning your heart to control your actions. 

I wish all our readers health and happiness!

 - Varouj Bejanian

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Featured in Issue #7 July 2018
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