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Established in 2000, Bejanian Martial Arts is a leading provider of Martial Arts classes in the Glendale community. At Bejanian Martial Arts we offer a wide range of Martial Arts classes, from our Tiny Tigers program (age 3-5) to our Teen Black Belt Club, Women's Self-Defense or Brazilian JIu-Jitsu program, we have just the right class for you. We welcome everyone to try a free class to see for yourself.

Our unique programs are designed to get your children in a positive emotional state and keep them there. Your child will be athletically fit which will give him /her confidence to achieve more in life. We have carefully designed our program to gradually teach our students how to deal with fear, worry, doubt, boredom and lack of a goal. These are the five things that prevent people from achieving a peaceful life. The students will learn to choose to remain positive under any condition and keep a healthy attitude about the circumstances surrounding them. With time they will eliminate fear, worry, doubt, boredom and they will find a meaningful goal with a good intention behind it, pursue it with passion and gain more trust and confidence in themselves.


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