Prepare Your Teen for Success in Life

Teen's Martial Arts
(Ages 11 - 18 years old)


Bejanian World Success Martial Arts Teens' program is an extraordinary program carefully designed to guide teenagers through the hardest, most productive and the most important years of their life.

Our unique Teens' program is designed to get your children in a positive emotional state and keep them there. Your child will be athletically fit which will give him /her the confidence to achieve more in life. We have carefully designed our program to gradually teach our students how to deal with fear, worry, doubt, boredom and lack of a goal. These are the five things that prevent people from achieving a peaceful life. The students will learn to choose to remain positive under any condition and keep a healthy attitude about the circumstances surrounding them. With time they will eliminate fear, worry, doubt, boredom and they will find a meaningful goal with a good intention behind it, pursue it with passion and gain more trust and confidence in themselves.

Our Teens' program is designed to promote self-confidence and self-esteem which gives your child the courage to say NO in the face of peer pressure. The individual student will learn to respect his/her body and never allow any harmful substance (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol,) to enter his/her body.  Master Varouj Bejanian and all Instructors at Bejanian World Success Martial Arts despise these mind-altering substances vehemently and have made it their mission to make sure that no Bejanian Martial Arts students will ever think about or have the urge or the desire to try any of the life-destroying substances. They will learn to say a resounding "NO" with such confidence that the no one will think twice about approaching him/her a second time".  

Our program will teach your child about setting goals and achieving them. It will teach them to take control of their lives and realize that they are the captain of their ship and whatever they put into life is what they are going to get back. They will learn to be positive and optimistic and that they have a purpose in life. They will find their goal in life and when they have a set goal with a positive intention, their life will be more meaningful, as a result they will achieve academic excellence. They will also learn to be responsible individuals and will take accountability for their actions.  These qualities will help your child ensure their success in school, in college, university and in life.

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Your Teen Will Develop


Self-Defense Skills

Positive Mental Attitude

Improved Physical Fitness


Improved Academics



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