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Children's Martial Arts
Ages 6-10


The Bejanian Martial Arts Children's Karate program is designed to help your child develop essential self-defense skills while improving their overall physical fitness and health. Your child will improve their flexibility, strength, speed and overall cardiovascular fitness while learning how to protect themselves from bullies and strangers.

Through the program your child will be awarded belts for their accomplishments. This sense of accomplishment gives your child the positive motivation to achieve excellence in life. 
Our unique program encourages peaceful interaction and discourages children from fighting, the program will give the self-confidence to say NO to bullies and peer pressure.  

In addition to the physical benefits, The Bejanian Martial Arts Children's Karate Program will instill in your child the self-discipline, focus, concentration and stamina to study. We encourage each and every one of our students to do their absolute best in school and in life.

Join our winning team and discover your child's potential for success in every area of his/her life.

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Self-Defense Skills



Academic Improvement

Goal Setting Skills

Self Improvement Skills

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