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"My children both improved their academic scores immensely. They also cooperate more at home and at school." 

- Mariam Sangulyan (Parent of Khachik and Hasmik)

"Since my son started in the Bejanian Martial Arts, I have seen an improvement in my son’s attitude. My son has become more respectful, responsible and has a drive in him that my husband and I have not yet, seen. He looks forward to his lessons with the martial arts instructors. I would recommend the Bejanian Martial Arts training center to any parent wanting their children to develop self defense, discipline and social skills."   

- Petros Sarkisyan (Parent of Gevork)

"We have been proud parents of Bejanian Martial Arts for couple of years now. We knew that the school had a good reputation, but it's one thing to hear about it, and it's another thing to experience it. We are greatly thankful to the trainers for being such outstanding individuals. Their respect towards every single parent/grandparent is greatly appreciated. Kids don't just train here. They become a better person in many aspects of life. Thank you for being so dedicated, capable and thank you for your guidance to our children." 

Karine Dermendjian (Parent of Shan and Arthur)

"My son Armand Jerejian has been going to Bejanian Martial Arts for 3 years. I have noticed my son had improved in his social skills. He had made a lot of new friends while attending Bejanian Martial Arts. My son had tremendously improved academically. I think the 20 rules that the kids recite are so important in school and in life. I think the best choice as a parent was sending my son to Bejanian Martial Arts."

Michelle Jerejian (parent of Armand)

"My son, Hagop Taschyan, has been coming to Bejanian Martial Arts for about two years now. I, as a parent, have seen many improvements in his studying habits, his behavior at home and at school, and the respect of his elders. I am very happy to have sent my son to Bejanian Martial Arts and my son is grateful too."

- Gayane Tashchyan (parent of Hagop)

"The Bejanian World Success Martial Arts Training Center had helped our children be more confident socially, more disciplined physically and more focused academically. We recommend this program to anybody."

- Bernardo Toruno (parent of Alex and Ruth )

"Bejanian World Success Martial Arts has been a great blessing and true investment for our family. My daughter Danielle loves karate and it helped her to recognize her strengths and abilities, helped her to be respectful and polite with others. The instructors are amazing - they love kids and give out of their love and care- they are great role models for our children to follow. They are so warm, kind, patient and serious with kids. They are mature and professional, who truly care about the kids they train. My daughter got praised at school by her teacher for having perfect behavior and she treats her family members with lots of respect, love, care and affection. BWSMA teaches our kids the most important Christian values - love & respect."

Dana Plasa (parent of Danielle)

"My son and daughter have flourished so much since joining to Bejanian Martial Arts. Their confidence level, respect of others, and physical capabilities have improved significantly in the last few months. They look forward to attending class and I feel my children are in a safe, nurturing environment where they can only continue to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. Thank you for offering such an integral part of the development of children in our community. Bravo!"

- Arlene Simonian (parent of Nicholas & Elizabeth)

"Gregory has been a student for almost 4 years. He has literally transformed from toddler to big boy. He has developed in so many ways, it’s incredible. The skills he has learned, not only in karate but in life’s journeys, have helped him in school and socialization skills with other children. As a parent, I am most grateful for the self confidence and increased self-esteem the Masters and Instructors have given him. No challenge in life will ever be too difficult. Also I am grateful for all of our new friends that have resulted from attending Bejanian Martial Arts. Thank you for everything you have given us. We appreciate you and are blessed to have your school." 

- Selina Babikian (parent of Gregory)

"I have been a member of Bejanian World Success Martial Arts since 2008. I am 53 years old male married with two teenage children that trains as part of the Adult classes. The Martial Artstraining classes have been a great blessing for me. We train under the supervision of Master Varouj and Mr. Manouk to be conditioned physically, mentally and spiritually. I enjoy our trainings very much and looking forward to attend the classes on regular basis two times a week. These classes have transformed me to be physically fit and strong, mentally sharp and spiritually more loving, caring and respectful towards others. I did many types of sports in the past such as running, soccer, boxing, mountain climbing but never considered Martial Arts at my younger age. But since joining the BWSMA classes now I know what I have really been missing all my life. This is the ultimate sport. And I have more energy and feel younger than ever. Thanks to the BWSMA versatile classes of Karate, boxing, grappling and physical training. I first attended the Bejanian Martial Arts classes as a pure curiosity and the main reason I joined BB school was for the warm environment, respectful atmosphere and spirit filled individuals who run the classes with total dedication and professionalism. I would highly recommend to individuals of my age group who love sports to seriously consider Bejanian Martial Arts classes as a great transforming experience. I guarantee these classes will change your life. It has changed my life. Many thanks to Bejanian World Success Martial Arts for their great service to our community. May God bless Bejanian Martial Arts, its dedicated staff and specifically the owners of the school the Bejanian Martial Arts. I wish you all great health, strong faith, peace and prosperity."

- Varoujan Amirkhanian

"Since John joined the Karate classes, he has shown improvement in behavior, confidence, etc. We believe as his parents, Karate is a good tool for not only the body but also the mind set. Your instructors are excellent, they have proven to be very reliable and have instilled that close friendship with students. We know for a fact that John speaks highly of them. He really trusts them and enjoys the Karate classes even more knowing that those instructors are there for him to help and give him that help that he requires. You are all doing the best you can, appreciate very much what you are doing."

- Romano Caturegli (parent of John)

"The ways that “Bejanian Martial Arts” helped my son and my family was the parents and child connection. Sarkis became more respectful and kind with family members and our community. He is a good listener in home. I trust Bejanian Martial Arts and I believe that my son is in good hands."

- Edita Shiganyan (parent of Sarkis)

"My son has been attending Bejanian Martial Arts for years. He loves it! Escpecially the camps. Bejanian Martial Arts has taught him respect and self discipline. My little son just started as a Tiny Tiger and he loves it! If he could, he would come everyday." 

- Alexandra Gharabegian (parent of Theodore and Maximillian)

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