Overcoming Teenage Pressure


By: Master Varouj Bejanian
Featured in Issue #2 of World Success Magazine

I wish everyone a Happy Easter and Happy Spring. May the spring bring many blessings into your homes.

Thinking years back, when I was a teenager, I can truly say that it was the most difficult time of my life. Now, years later as a parent of two teenagers I know for sure that every teenager is going through tough times. They go through so many changes and difficulties at school (school work pressure), at home (responsibilities), with friends (peer pressure), they sometimes feel overwhelmed.

In order to overcome some of these pressures and changes, I would like to encourage all teenagers to

  • Understand and realize that you are valuable and special.

  • Love yourself like there is no tomorrow, you can never love and help others if you don’t respect and love yourself first.

  • Believe in yourself and your own abilities.

  • Have trust and faith in your parents and teachers and go to them for guidance.

  • Make a decision to be happy and excited every single day, you have so many choices (good and bad) in your life and you are the one who makes them.

  • Realize that you have a big voice, you can build your own future the way you want it and at the same time help others.

  • Be grateful for everything you have (health, family, friends and even physical things), don’t take anything for granted.

  • Know that the world doesn’t owe you anything. You have to work hard for everything worthwhile that you like to achieve. No one is supposed to give it to you, you must work hard and earn it.

I wish all our children and teenagers big success.

I give all my blessings to our staff, students, parents and readers. I sincerely thank all our sponsors for their contribution.

I hope you will enjoy the articles that our students have written for this issue.

They are all young teenagers who work hard to bring well-being to themselves and others.

I wish all our readers joy, I hope you always find something to encourage yourselves to do better in life.


-Varouj Bejanian

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Featured in Issue #2 April 2017
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