Turning Dreams into Reality

By: Master Varouj Bejanian
Featured in Issue #1 of World Success Magazine

I wish everyone a Happy New Year. May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Turning Your Dreams into Reality was a subject of the seminar I taught a few years back at Bejanian Martial Arts. I was teaching our young teenagers that in order to turn your dreams into reality, first you must have a strong desire in your heart.                       

Thinking many years back, I remember that I have always had a strong desire to create a Martial Arts Magazine for our schools that can be Inspiring, Empowering, Encouraging, Motivating, and Informative for our students to do great in life, ultimately guiding our schools and students toward greater levels of achievement and making our community stronger.        

This magazine will also bring recognition to our hard-working, dedicated students, instructors, and staff members who are putting their best effort to make a difference in their and other people’s lives. I am proud of them; they are our community’s future leaders. These are the people who will lead us to a brighter future.

My hope is that this magazine, as a tool, will serve its purpose, which is helping and guiding our students to operate at their maximum potential so they may fulfill their dreams, turning them into reality.

I have created this magazine with the help of my family, my students, staff members and sponsors. I thank you all for the joy and happiness you bring to our schools. I sincerely thank all our sponsors for their contribution, may God bless them for their generosity.

I wish all our readers success and joy, I hope you never stop progressing and adding value to your life and others’ lives.

 - Varouj Bejanian

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Featured in Issue #1 January 2017
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