The Cold Season is Temporary

By: Miss Madeline Bejanian
Featured in Issue #3 of World Success Magazine

There comes a time when individuals may look around and question their circumstances. Individuals comes across a range of difficulties in which they may feel trapped in a maze, unable to make their way out. There exist various downward spirals that are hard to resolve. Individuals must somehow get through the challenges of downward forces and push upward despite of the opposing attraction. Apart from these efforts, there is pleasance on the other side after hardship is overcome. After a strenuous season, a succeeding season of blooming awaits. For example, a plant that struggles to survive during winter can blossom to a fruitful plant when summer arrives. Just like the summer does not exist without the cruel winter, one’s successes are not possible without predicaments.

The successful season is likely to happen after an individual struggles as he/she is aiming to overcome difficulties. This is evident when martial artists are on their way to become black belts. Martial artists cannot simply attain belts without putting in years of practice, dedicating countless hours to learn curriculum, and applying valuable life lessons. This shows that a season of struggle is necessary before a desired result is even possible. There may be injuries that come along the way, discouraging thoughts, and complicated moves to undertake but there must reside a mentality that reminds oneself that “The cold season is temporary”. Yes, it may be hard to prepare one’s mind and body to get through the years of training, but there will be one season when the individual, who earns the black belt, can look back on his/her season of struggle and finally understand that the black belt would’ve not been possible without the previous toils.

It can be demonstrated by her biography that a true example of a human being who became legendary by overcoming several, difficult seasons in her lifetime is Helen Keller. At nineteen months old, she was diagnosed with “brain fever” which caused her to lose her hearing and sight ( Editors). Despite of her incapability, Keller learned finger spelling, touch-lip reading and eventually how to speak with people. Six-year-old Keller and her instructor, Anne Sullivan, entrusted one another in a strong connection for the next forty-nine years, which further developed Keller’s communication, one word at a time ( Editors). Keller went on to stun many with her first of several books, The Story of My Life, to graduate with cum laude from Radcliffe, to help find the ACLU, to motivate others with her personal experiences, and to promote awareness to the American Federation for the Blind. Today, she is recognized as one who “overcame the adversity of being blind and deaf to become one of the 20th century's leading humanitarians...”  ( Editors).

Helen Keller is able to become one of America’s legendary educators, journalists and humanitarians after she experiences her unfortunate seasons of blindness and her lack of hearing. She encounters many frustrations as she attempts to learn how to effectively communicate but still manages to develop her learning onto levels to inspire those around.

The senses that are used to expand one’s knowledge include sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell; missing one sense alone makes it difficult to gain information.

When learning in the classroom, students usually do so by hearing and seeing, Keller did not have any of these abilities but rather relied mostly on touch. Keller, at the time, is caught up with the cruel season in which she has a hard time learning words by touch. Throughout the difficulty of this season, she could have asked “Why did I have to be both blind and deaf?” or “Why am I still trying?” but she understood the concept that if she got through the struggles then it would indicate that better times will approach. Her better season is known as the 20th century when her name alone transforms from the girl with incapability to a leading public figure. Without fighting her setbacks, she would not be known as the same individual who has left such an impacting mark on the surface of the planet.

No matter what conflict an individual is facing, he/she must be reminded that the clock is still ticking with the availability of more time. Whether or not one is currently in a pleasant season in life, there are more ahead with possibilities of the weather reaching near perfection and the sun shining just right so that blooming can occur. Even during this very moment, the clouds may be pouring rain on one’s head but it is not going to rain forever. The benefaction of summer, spring, or any other favorable season will be back the following year. It is notable to also remember that one season cannot happen without the season before it; whether it is desired or not, there will always be light and dark times because “There is no light without [darkness]...” (Hamilton, Laurell).

 - Miss Madeline Bejanian


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