It's Called "Hard" for a Reason

By: Miss Madeline Bejanian
Featured in Issue # 6 of World Success Magazine

People and other forms of existence don’t just spontaneously get better on their own; there is a medium through which they can become better overtime. This medium is called hard work. It’s called “hard” for a reason. One must go through toils and experience some obstacles on the way when accomplishing it. These troubles are necessary since the better things don’t come easy by strolling through life.

In order for me to become “better” I am willing to endure that extra struggle (the hard work) to reach the pleasure I’m seeking at the end of the road. By dedicating this hard work, I am comprehending how much it really takes to get what I want and proving to myself how much I deserve what I’m getting.

When people choose not to work hard, they may avoid the most meaningful part of the entire journey: the experiences of the journey. This journey is the source of learning and betterment. Through experiences, there are times when people fall and other times when they get up; basically, the duration when a person learns to improve his/her weaknesses and further glorify his/her strengths. After a stage of the journey comes to an end, one can see their worthwhile investment of hard work and yet again apply it to other aspects of life.

-Miss Madeline Bejanian

“Miss Madeline’s Message” is published in World Success Magazine.

Featured in Issue #6 April 2018
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