Head Instructor - Glendale

4th Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
20 Years Martial Arts Experience


Manuk Lelikian is twenty-eight years old and is the first student to sign up at Bejanian Martial Arts. Being born in Georgia (the country), there was a time when he was living comfortably with his family. Unfortunately, that comfort went away when the war started in 1990. He and his family had to run away. They got to Leninakan, Armenia which had been struck by an earthquake just a few years before they got there. There was much trouble due to the earthquake and five families (including his) had to live in one garage of a house in Armenia. After a while, things became much better when Mr. Manuk and his family eventually moved out of that house to another one. His sick family friend wanted to do a favor for someone before he perished and bought the new house for his family to live in. After a few years, in 2000, he moved to America with his family and lived with his uncle, for a while, until they were able to stand their ground.

            He became a sixth grader when he came to America and attended John Marshall Elementary School. He signed up at Bejanian Martial Arts, back in December of 2000, before the school even opened. He states that he was in love with karate and it was his all-time dream to be a master since starting. He thanks his parents for pushing him to come and remain consistent in martial arts. He began helping when he was a green belt. As time passed, he grew to love karate even more and was asked to join the leadership program by Master Varouj as a brown belt. Once he became a black belt, he was an instructor at Bejanian Martial Arts and he achieved his second degree black belt. Mr. Manuk became the Head Instructor of the Glendale branch. Mr. Manuk says that he “wouldn’t be able to do all of this without Master Varouj who is like a dad to [him] and [he has] unconditional love for him.” He states that he is very blessed and happy to be able to teach martial arts to the students. He mentions that helping kids is his most favorite thing to do.



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