Head Instructor

2nd Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
15 Years Martial Arts Experience


“Miss Madeline’s Message” is a column written by our instructor Miss Madeline Bejanian. “Miss Madeline’s Message” can be found in our very own World Success Magazine.

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         Madeline Bejanian was born and raised in Glendale, California. She is attending college, with a smile on her face, prospectively looking forward to the further comings in her life. In terms of the future, she intends to pursue the field of Business Law through an English major and eventually transfer to a four-year university of her choice.

         When describing her identity, she says that her family definitely comes into the picture. She and her parents yield a formidable, personal connection. They have raised her and her brother Alec in such a loving manner, and have continuously enriched them with moral values since the day they were born. Their contribution of these principled teachings have allowed her to inherit the tenacity to strive forward and transform her dreams into the presence of reality. Ms. Madeline Bejanian says that “the credibility of all that [she has] and will achieve throughout [her] lifetime will go to [her] parents.

         Ever since she was three years old, she states that her experiences at Bejanian Martial Arts have been the highlights of her childhood and continues for years to come. As a child, she grew up surrounded by her dad, Master Varouj Bejanian, who was involved in martial arts and she ultimately took part in the sport herself. She started off as a Tiny Tiger gradually became promoted the more time passed on. Throughout her engagement in the classes, she felt a strong essence of satisfaction and as that she was inheriting valuable regimens that the instructors talked about (discipline, integrity, respect) and was implementing them in the course of her growth. This beneficial routine remained, the more she became older. Ms. Madeline eventually attained her Black Belt in 2013 and is now working toward earning a second degree black belt.

         A large majority feel that karate solely has a physical contribution and she disagrees based on what she has learned during her training. She believes, from her participation in martial arts, for the past thirteen years, that it has shaped her purpose and herself into the person she is today. She states that “[her] practice in martial arts has allowed [her] to understand the importance of self-acceptance and self-worth in society. With self-acceptance [she] can love the person [she is] and accept people the way they are. With self-worth, [she] learned that [she] can somehow leave a positive impact in the community by contributing to those around [her].”

         Miss Madeline states that “Bejanian Martial Arts clearly has a focus to allow students to mentally realize their capabilities through their physical abilities. In other words, the students come to a realization that they each have the potential to become who they want to be and eventually contribute to society in some form.”

         From starting off as a three-year-old student, and now continuing as a Certified Instructor at Bejanian Martial Arts, she can say that she’s glad to see that other children are starting off the way she did and are inheriting the same outstanding qualities. Each day, they learn a practical lesson from the Code of Ethics that they can implement to the foregoing of their successful futures. She is extremely glad that she has the opportunity to teach and witness each of them flourish in the depths of their learning.

         To conclude, she thanks her dad Master Varouj for creating Bejanian Martial Arts. She additionally thanks Mr. Manuk for always being there for her and teaching the valuable lessons of karate which she will continuously grasp onto the preceding years of her life. Miss Madeline Bejanian says that they are the reason why the students of Bejanian Martial Arts, including her and all the instructors, have continuously improved in this skill and realized their own potential to succeed in whatever they choose to partake.