Senior Instructor

1st Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
13 Years Martial Arts Experience


Artin Markaradi has been attending Bejanian Martial Arts since the age of four. He states that he is “blessed to have found this martial arts school.” Mr. Artin says that he uses everything Master Varouj and Mr. Manuk have taught him as tools in his life. He has learned to be humble, kind, caring, and respectful to everyone. He has also gained a great amount of patience which helps him achieve his goals. Bejanian Martial Arts has given him a great amount of confidence and has taught him to make sure that his confidence does not turn into ego. With this confidence, he is able to accomplish so much in his life without fear. It has also helped him develop in school.

In addition to these teachings, Mr. Artin has learned to make acceptable choices. For example, he makes good decisions when choosing the people he hangs out with, and while he accomplishes his daily habits. Bejanian Martial Arts has opened his mind and his eyes to the things he is capable of doing. He implies that the school has given him a wide variety of  lessons which he can use to overcome obstacles and set objectives to overcome. Mr. Markaradi enjoys the martial arts programs which is provided by Bejanian Martial Arts. He is currently a black belt and he personally says “that the black belt is more to [him] than just a piece of cloth representing [his] martial arts level and it shows [him] that [he] is a black belt in life.” Mr. Artin recommends Bejanian Martial Arts to anyone, at any age. He describes his attendance at Bejanian Martial Arts as a life-changing experience.